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bmw f650gs

bmw f650gs
bmw f650gs red color
                                                                bmw f650gs test drive
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                                                              bmw f650gs picture
                                                             bmw f650gs white
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                                                              bmw f650gs dakkar

bmw f650gs review
Start of Production 1999
End of Production N/A
Numbers Produced N/A
Price (2003) UK £ 4,995
US $ 8,190 / 8,690 with
Motor Type  Water cooled, single cylinder, 4 stroke
Bore x Stroke  100 x 83 mm (3.93 x 3.26 in)
Capacity 652 cc
Rated Output
50 bhp (37 KW) at 6,500 rpm (performance
reduction 34 bhp (25 Kw at 6,000 rpm
Max Torque
60 Nm (44 ft lb) at 5,000 rpm (performance
reduction: 51 Nm (38 ft lb) at 3,750 rpm)
Compression Ratio  11.5 : 1
Valves Per Cylinder  4
Valve Control  DOHC
Mixture Control/Engine Management
Electronic intake pipe injection / BMW
engine management
Emission Control  Closed loop 3 way catalytic converter
Fuel type
Unleaded regular grade fuel, minimum
octane rating 91 (RON)
Power Transmission 
Multiple  disc clutch in oil bath,
mechanically operated
Constant mesh 5 speed gearbox integratedin the crankcase
Gearbox Ratio's  2.750 / 1.750 / 1.310 / 1.050 / 0.880 : 1
Final Drive  2.94 : 1
Endless O ring chain with jerk damper in
the rear wheel hub
Electrical System 
Ignition Electronic ignition
Alternator  400 W three phase alternator
Battery  12V / 12 ahChassis 
Type of Frame
Bridging frame consisting of steel profiles
with rear frame fastened with screws
Front wheel suspension
Telescopic fork, stanchion diameter 41
mm, fork stabiliser
Rear wheel suspension
Box section dual swinging arm consisting
of steel profiles, central strut steered via
lever system, spring pre load adjustable to
continuously variable levels by means of a
hydraulic handwheel, rebound adjustable
Travel Front/Rear  170 / 165 mm (6.69 x 6.5 in)
Wheels  Wire spoked wheels
Wheel Rims, Front  2.50 x 19
Wheel Rims, Rear  3.00 x 17
Tyres, Front  100/90 x S 19
Tyres, Rear  130/80 x S 17
Brakes, Front
Single disc brake , diameter 300 mm (11.8
in), double piston floating caliper
Brakes, Rear
Single disc brake, diameter 240 mm (9.45
in), 1 piston floating caliper
Special equipment BMW Motorrad ABS
Length x Width
2175 x 910 (inc. mirrors) x 1265 (not inc.
mirrors) mm (85.63 x 35.82 x 49.80 in)
Wheel Base (in normal position)  1479 mm (58.23 in)
Castor (in normal position)  113.3
Steering Head Angle (in normal position)  60.8 degreesUnladen Weight with Full Tank  193Kg / 425 lb
Dry Weight  175.4 Kg / 386 lb
Permitted Total Weight  380 Kg / 837 lb
Payload (with standard equipment)  187 Kg / 412 lb
Seat Height (Unladen)  780 mm (30.70 inches)
Fuel Consumption over 100 Km @
constant 90Kph
3.4 litres / 83 mpg / 69 mpg US
Fuel Consumption over 100 Km @
constant 120Kph
5.0 litres / 56 mpg / 47 mpg US
Useable Tank Volume  17.3 litres / 3.8 UK gal / 4.57 US gal
Approx. 4.5 litres / .99 UK gal / 1.19 US
Maximum Speed
Approx.166 Kph / 103 mph (with
performance reduction: approx 137 Kph /
85 mph)

There was a TV series "The Long Way Down," in which actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Borman made ​​a trip on the Trans Continental BMW 1150GS Adventure.BMW sales grew during the night, but the 1150 and 1200GS bikes were too big toAnnette so we had a look at the BMW F650GS. It 'was a single-cylinder 649ccmotorcycle that was a big, strong and heavy. We bought second hand and had the seat changed version "high". Annette has long legs so high motorcycles are never aproblem. The bike was imported to this country from Germany by the dealer and, therefore, had changed the clocks showing MPH UK spec. This meant that when we took the bike that was 7 miles, which shows the clock but actually had the equivalentof 3000 miles in Germany. It 'proved to be a great bike and I made ​​many a comfortable trip to Liverpool, only having to stop for fuel rather than having to stop to revive some feeling in my gluteus maximus, which had always been like this before.Unusually the fuel tank sat under the meaning given that the bike had a low center ofgravity and the fuel cap was on the side of the seat. The driving position is excellent and we were sitting above the traffic that offered a good view. I actually took off the road once on some forest tracks, one of which was a bit 'too far down for my taste,but the bike ran well. It would sit happily at 90 mph on highways and even though he was only a cone, it was enough to deflect the windblast. Now has 2 single-cylinderbikes, because the CCM404 mentioned above was still in our "stable". Made senseto swap the JCC at this point, so after a couple of years of service is the CCM was the next to go.

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