Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camaro SS Cars up Coming 2012 Models

So i've been thinking since the 2012 Camaro SS coupes have a new improved suspension(FE4 v.s the old FE3) I been wondering how much of an improvement it is over the FE3 and should GM offer the FE3 on the V6 models as well as a trickle down. I'm also wondering handling wise and steering wise how close is it to the Mustang GT now. In past tests the Camaor SS has pulled 0.90-0.92g with the FE3 suspension and the 2011 mustang GT has pulled 0.95-0.96g . I'm thinking the new FE4 Camaro can pull a 0.94g maybe 0.95g and steering feel will be as good as the stang GT. And a 25.2 figure eight at 0.84g compared to the previous 25.8 secs at 0.80g. With that said I think it'll be at best right there with the stang handling wise as the weight holds it back but it could possibly be the car that peple originally predicted and hoped it would be handling wise when it was released. What do you guys think?
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Camaro SS

Camaro SS Cars

Camaro SS

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Camaro SS

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