Friday, July 8, 2011

Bmw x5 2011

2011 BMW X5 ranks 12 out of 18 lux average SUVs. This ranking is based on an analysis of 70 published reviews and test drives of the BMW X5, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

Bmw X5 interior

BMW X5 continues to offer excellent driving dynamics and plush interior. In 2011, the new petrol engines give it more power and better fuel economy than before. Although it is slightly smaller than previous models, it is still expensive for its class.

2011 bmw x5

Updated 2011 X5 starts at $ 46,675, which amounts to more than $ 1,000 less than the 2010 model. Nevertheless, it is still high compared with competitors X5 - especially when you consider that the higher bracket, as the V8-powered xDrive50i starts at nearly $ 60,000. But if you appreciate a sporty, luxurious ride above all, the price premium may be worth it. With the optional third row of seats and for seven, X5 can even function as an upscale family tractor.

2011 bmw x5

"Be careful with the list of options, and the X5 it was still possible for a reasonable price - well, reasonable compared to the rest of the luxury SUV herd," wrote Car and Driver "and her unborn offspring, X6., X5 is surprisingly nimble and fun way to transport the family. a new, more powerful engines only enhance its appeal. "

2011 Bmw x5

Not only does the new engines are more powerful, but they are expected to be much more effective. Although the 2010 X5 has only an average base fuel economy rating, the new model is expected to get two more miles per gallon in the city and three more on the highway. This makes it an estimated 17/25 city / highway rating of one of the best in the entire middle class luxury. Another advantage of the X5 has over its competitors is the standard four-wheel drive wheel-drive system.

2011 Bmw x5 SUV

2011 Bmw x5 Interior

2011 Bmw x5 front view

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