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Mercedes-Benz (in Russian pronounced Mercedes-Benz, German spoken Mercedes-Benz) - the world's oldest car brand , and the name of the company, which specializes in the production of cars of premium-class cars, trucks , buses and other vehicles. At the moment, is a subsidiary of the concern "Daimler." Its headquarters are in Stuttgart. Founded in 1871. In 2010, the brand is estimated at 25.2 billion dollars, while holding the second place (the first is still owned by Toyota).


The history of this brand is made up of the stories of two famous car brands - "Mercedes", produced by German company "Daimler Motor-Gesellschaft" and "Benz", who built the eponymous firm. Both companies are quite well developed independently, and in 1926 merged into a new concern, "Daimler-Benz."

So, in order. 1886. Created three-wheeled self-propelled cart with a gasoline engine. In the same year its founder - Karl Benz was granted a patent for an invention. The world's first three-wheeled vehicle is ready and put into production.

Seven years later, giving primacy Daimler, Carl Benz builds its four-wheeled car, and next year even more sophisticated design with a strange name "Bicycle" is a series.


In 1901, shortly after Daimler new model "Mercedes-35PS» it becomes clear how "Benz" behind the progress. To catch up, shareholders are invited to the company, a French engineer Marius Barbara. Due to technical differences, Karl Benz founded leaves them the same company. It soon became clear - the Frenchman has failed to expectations. Following the logic of the German cars have to be made by German hands, the firm as Chief Engineer, was invited Fritz Earle. Again, no luck. Only with the arrival of a talented engineer in the company of Hans Niebel things gradually went up the hill. In 1909, having created a number of beautiful cars the company built the most famous racing car at the time, "Blitzen Benz" with an engine output of 200 hp and a stunning amount of 21594sm3.


In the postwar years, there have been many new models, most of which were produced with success until the mid-twenties. Since its start of production in 1886 and prior to the merger with the "Daimler Motor-Gesellschaft" in 1926, the company "Benz" produced 47 555 cars, including cars, trucks and omnibuses.

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In 1890, Gottlieb Daimler, in the town of Bad Kannstadt near Stuttgart, founded the company in its own name - "Daimler Motor-Gesellschaft", decided to produce, created four years before his own, and actively participates, Wilhelm Maybach four-wheeled vehicle. After a series of not very successful attempts, which did find their enthusiastic customers, W. Maybach designer in 1901 managed to create a successful model. At the insistence of the Consul of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Nice and, concurrently, head of the "Daimler" in France, Emil Jellinek named the car was a young and attractive daughter of the consul - "Mercedes".

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The first "Mercedes-35PS», namely because it was called, had a four-cylinder engine cylinder capacity of 5913 cm3, a classic arrangement of basic units and beautiful (at the time) appearance. A year later saw the light of an improved design under the name "Mercedes-Simplex." A wider product range. The most famous representatives of this series were the proud name "Mercedes-40/45PS» and «Mercedes-65PS» and engines of 6785 cm3, respectively, 9235 cm 3, which allowed speeds of up to 90 km / h.

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Before World War I, "Daimler Motor-Gesellschaft" managed to release a wide range of their cars with different engines (from 1568 cm3 to 9575 cm3) calculated for different customers, including luxury, ultra-quiet cars using engines produced by gas distribution bezklapannym U.S. patent of "Knight." Immediately after the war, Paul Daimler starts experimenting with the compressor, allowing a half times increase engine power. Who came to the post of chief engineer in 1923, Ferdinand Porsche had brought the experiments to their logical conclusion by creating in 1924 one of the most outstanding vehicles of the world - "Mersedes-24/100/140PS" with a magnificent six-cylinder chassis and supercharged engine volume of 6240 cm3 and a capacity of 100 -140 hp

By 1926, "Daimler-Motor-Gesellschaft" made at all its plants for a total of 147,961 cars, while the maximum capacity was reached in 1918. Despite all the difficulties of the last war years, then was able to produce 24 690 vehicles.

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